Percussion Lab is a collective of like-minded artists, DJs, record labels and selectors. Since 2002 we've been curating an exclusive collection of live and DJ sets from our favorite artists, DJs and record labels which we hope will give you a taste of the Percussion Lab community.

Percussion Lab began in the Summer of 2002 as a radio show on the independent upstate New York radio station, WVKR. Hosted by Praveen and featuring the talents of turntablists Killa K and Lord L, the fresh new show consisted of the illest Electronic and Underground Hip Hop music for a new kind of beat generation. A few years later, Percussion Lab relocated to New York City to throw a thriving series of events featuring artists like Flying Lotus, Jimmy Edgar, Machinedrum, Khonnor and more... As of August 2009, we've decided to open up our previously exclusive collection of live, DJ and curated mixes to you, the user and invite you to participate in this community.

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Brian Blessinger
Writer & Contributor
Brian Blessinger is good with words. He's instrumental in dealing with venues and promoters for any of our Percussion Lab events, and his rowdy, dub heavy sound selections greatly inform where Percussion Lab heads musically. Blessinger has written for various music publications and has interviewed artists such as Zero 7, Kode 9, RJD2 and Josh Wink.
Sougwen Chung
Art Director & Contributor
Sougwen is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer. Though she primarily works as an Art Director in the interactive space, her illustrative works have landed her among the roster of visual artists of Percussion Lab affiliate, Ghostly International. In addition to being the Art Director for all things design-related for Percussion Lab, her musical tastes have influenced the Lab's more ambient, home-listening side for years now. Sougwen currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden.
Praveen Sharma
Founder & Contributor
Praveen founded Percussion Lab in 2002 with one goal in mind, to curate a collection of sets and radio shows which would bring a niche sound to a wider audience. Since then, he has continually expanded the Percussion Lab collective to encompass a broader range of sounds. He has brought artists such as Flying Lotus, Daedelus, Jimmy Edgar and Khonnor to NYC to perform and was instrumental in 2006's BAPLab music and new media festival.
Nooka Jones
DJ & Contributor
Nooka Jones is our resident DJ and jack of all trades. He was a mobile DJ at the age most of us just start getting little hairs. One of NYC's brightest up and coming DJs, we're proud to call Nooka Jones one of the family.

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