JULY 20, 2011

This is basically a teaser post, because I am going to mention a bunch of stuff but leave out lots of details in the hopes of getting you guys excited about said stuff.

What am I talking about?  Let's start with mixes...Right now, you can rock out to our exclusive mix from Justin Ledford, aka LDFD, which is burning up the homepage as we speak.  Coming soon (ed. Actually LIVE NOW!) , we've got tasty treats from Japan and the Saturn Never Sleeps crew, so keep your eyes peeled. 

What else?  We promised some new types of content, so stay tuned for some video interviews with (and possibly by?) some of our favorite artists.  We'll be posting the first one soon - hint, he's in the pic to the left of this post. 

Finally, PARTIES.  In the next month, Percussion Lab Radio at One Last Shag is going to see some of the sickest lineups we've had all summer.  

Sicker than SBTRKT?  Yes.  Sicker than Scuba?  I think you'll think so.  When will we tell you what we mean?  Maybe next week, but mark your calendars, August 22 in particular is going to be epic.  You heard it here first.  

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anonymous says:
i think its gonna be mala.
almost 5 years ago