AUGUST 12, 2011

We're in the funky middle of August-still-feels-hot-but-you-know-the-end-is-near late summer thing.  We've had an amazing run with Percussion Lab Radio Live at Bed Stuy's One Last Shag, with notable sets from Dorian Concept, SBTRKT, Scuba, Canblaster, Space Dimension Controller, Buck UK, DJG, Elliot Lipp, Mux Mool, Shigeto, Ezekiel Honig, Falty DL, and our residents, Dave Q, Braille, and Nooka Jones, plus a host of locals who always kept the party moving.

As the summer draws to a close, we have a couple of great Mondays ahead of us. This Monday, 8/15, we're hosting Toronto's inimtable bass master XI, alongside the up and coming Brooklyn improv bass trio, Archie Pelago.  Cosmo D, King Kroba, and Hirshi use Ableton to fuse live cello and saxophone into a heady beat laden stew that samples and references of-the-moment bass culture in an awesome live performance.  Not to be missed.

On August 22, we're partnering with dubspot on a massive lineup.  We've got Pursuit Grooves (for serious!), DFRNT, and Falty DL, which would be a hell of a lineup on its own, and then we've added the one and only Silkie to the bill to really blow minds.

Two years ago when we first relaunched Percussion Lab as a destination for curated mix sets, Silkie's Red Bull Music Academy mix was just making the rounds. In the scene at large, dubstep was fracturing and mutating under the influences of albums like Scuba's Triangualtions and Martyn's Great Lengths and the juggernaut of UK Funky. Silkie's RBMA mix, and his subsequent debut album for Deep Medi, CIty Lights Volume 1, while remaining staunchly dubstep, were exploring a deeper, more elastic understanding of what the genre might be.  I caned that mix incessantly, letting the double time bass hits just burble over me throughout that hot ass summer.  Silkie's production focuses on the dubby side of dubstep, which is what makes his sound so accessible.  No rage flowing through, just a search for bliss.  

When we got the opportunity to book him this summer for Percussion Lab Radio, we jumped at the chance. True to form, his recent FACT magazine mix has some rougher edges which are tempered by forays into dub and jazzy textures.  Long story short, the man is a don, and we're beyond excited to have him at Percussion Lab Radio Live

We have some tricks up our sleeves for August 29 and September 5, our last night at One Last Shag, as well, so stay tuned.  But DON'T MISS SILKIE!  This is his only NYC date. 

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