JANUARY 23, 2012

Percussion Lab's Praveen Sharma caught up with Roska on the important questions of the day: money vs. women, the state of UK Funky, and plans to tour the US.  Check Roska's Feature MIx here. 

Percussion Lab: For the Stateside Listeners - what's your current Rinse FM schedule?

Roska: My set time on Rinse is 7-9pm GMT every Tuesday

PL: If you had to choose - Money or Women?

R: Money as the latter comes naturally. haha.

PL: Who are a few producers riding under the radar right now you'd like to shout out?

R: MA1, T Williams, DJ Champion, Shox & Funkystepz

PL: You ever miss MCing as Mentor?

R: Nope

PL: Whats going on with Kicks & Snares? Any upcoming releases we should keep an eye out for?

R: We got 9 releases this year. We started with Dj Naughty's - Bass in your face EP. I have a small team to help with the smooth running of the label as it was me for the last 2 and a half years. Still pushing the sound of funky and 130 bpm styled beats.

PL: There was an article recently in the Guardian about musicians needing to get out of their bedroom and off the internet.  Do you think its important to get out a bit during the day so clear your mind? If so what do you do?

R: LOL. The guardian obviously doesnt know that some of us have studios.  When Im in the studio i love to tweet see what else is going down in the rest of the world too. So its more like a small break. Plus it brings everyone closer. 

PL: Do you see yourself being as successful today without things like twitter and facebook, or do you think maybe you'd be more productive thus making more of an impact?

R: I think I would. Social networks are a bonus. I started with using Myspace to promote my music which was okay but you still needed to call DJ's and go to the record shops. Now I have the Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter which has made it a little more easier. For me its a bonus and helps me to run my label and continue to help my own career still work without being drowned in being strictly a label boss.

PL: In your opinion, whats the current state of the Funky / House scene over in the UK?

R: Funky is still here its not going to dissapear its just the 'hype' is not fucking it up. There is still a good amount of followers and producer/djs making it and pushing it. It's funny how some people walked away from it when certain aspects changed.

PL: What should we expect from your upcoming album?

R: I'm excited about this project. It will be my best work to date. More vocal based music and loads of bass driven styles. This is like a vast improvement on the first one which was nearly 2 years ago.

PL: Any plans to hit the states any time soon?

R: YES! I'm still working on some dates with Carter ( I should be over at least twice this year.

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