APRIL 10, 2012

As the New York City beat scene continues to ascend in the wake of the culture’s struggle towards worldwide supremacy, I thought it wise to collect a list of various nights dedicated to the cause of beatdom in order for you to more readily act under its reigning feudalism. What I mean to say is, every few weeks I’d like to present a new trio of low-key DJ nights, mostly monthlies, happening around the city, with words straight from the promoters. This week: second Wednesdays, second Fridays, and third Thursdays.


On The Sly was started last November by old friends Knomad and Ben (of Bassfaced) as a way of bringing electronic music to New York. Their first bill included Ital Tek (his North American debut), Dave Q, and Percussion Lab’s own Braille; and they have since hosted the likes of MYRRYRS, DJ Sliink, Archie Pelago, Obey City, Kuhn, Doctor Jeep, Contakt and many others. Going down every third Thursday at The Gallery @ LPR in Greenwich Village, guests can expect Knomad and guest DJ’s or producers throwing down in a room where “[the night] can pop off into a sweaty dance floor, […] encourage some early weekend drunken shenanigans, [or] be a place for you to sit back, hear new music and make new friends.” The venue, which doubles as an art gallery, is graced with a nice PA and gear that is cared for. All nights are free, as a way to “[give] back to a scene that provided [them] with so much inspiration and creative influence.” On Thursday, April 19th, as part of this year’s Unsound Festival, On The Sly is putting together an unforgettable night with Actress and Hype Williams, and will welcome that same night downstairs Howse, kuxxan SUUM, and Cunei4m.


Space Radio is the collaboration between DATALOG and Antler, both alumni of the New York-based production school DubSpot. This Wednesday, April 11th, being their first proper beat-night, they are setting the tone by bringing in Ghostly International favorite, Michna. “We figured, let’s start a night, and make this the place to come hear [some of our favorite NYC producers]. That’s how Michna came about. He’s a great producer living in New York, on one of our favorite labels, Ghostly International. So we contacted him and lined it up.” They aim to make the party “[revolve] around cerebral, bass-heavy, beat-oriented music,” and FREE. Space Radio is every second Wednesday in the downstairs lounge at Tammany Hall in the LES. Their first night will also see fellow DubSpot alumnus icky doome hit the stage. Expect bass!


Sweat Lodge is the monthly project of the Dutty Artz crew, happening every second Friday at The Cove in Williamsburg.  Put together a year ago through the wise counsel of Contakt after having released a single with Mayster—both run Turrbotax—on the Dutty Artz label, the Dutty crew was put in touch with The Cove who were looking for a new Friday night party. The residents consist of Matt Shadetek, DJ/Rupture, Geko Jones, Chief Boima, Atropolis, Lamin Fofana and Taliesin, who rotate with no more than five of the group playing any given night, depending on who is available. “We’ve had NguzuNguzu, Dre Skull, Uproot Andy, Maga Bo, Jubilee, DJ Ripley, Isa GT, and DJ Newlife as guests,” but plead that “we’re not actually all that into booking ‘big names,’ it’s more about our crew.” Those in attendance can expect a fun mix of Caribbean, African, Latin, house, juke, hip hop, and r&b. “Sort of whatever we want, but always sweaty and usually never more than an hour of the same thing.” The next edition is Friday, April 13th, and features Matt Shadetek, Atropolis, Taliesin and DJ Sliink. Come dressed to sweat—it gets hot.

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Thekort says:
awesome. cool feature mane
about 4 years ago
knomad says:
Thank you Brandon for the nice write up. We look forward to seeing new faces at On The Sly and making them new friends.
about 4 years ago