MAY 14, 2010

Running any media heavy site like Percussion Lab is a financially demanding undertaking. We're currently a solely donation funded site so we can appreciate when our west coast homeboys dublab run their Proton Drive to stay afloat. Support your other favorite Lab on the web and enjoy a free Lucky Dragons track compliments of dublab...

Dublab says...

"The exclusive Lucky Dragons track, "Open Wide" was created specifically as the theme song for dublab's Open Wide Proton Drive, which runs from May 11th to May 26th. Every day from 8am to 8pm (and a special + 24 hour "No Sleep Session" Marathon Broadcast: May 24th Noon – May 25th Noon), dublab's djs and their extended family of music pioneers will be broadcasting live, sharing electrifying sounds to inspire support.

This fundraiser is absolutely essential to dublab's existence. As a non-profit radio station their mission relies upon generous listeners to provide 30% of the operating budget. These gifts allow dublab to continue spreading music, films, and visual art that is out of this world.

Even the tiniest of donations will inspire. No matter what amount you give, you will receive a gift of your own in return – prizes range from compilations full of rare gems, to t-shirts, and even an awesome Golden Half camera.

Dublab is celebrating over 10 years of future roots radio transmissions and creative art action. With the active support of listeners they will continue to spread positive waves around the universe. You can help these vibrations shine bright. Please spread the word and give a PROTON GRANT!"

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