SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

We first met New York's Isomer Transition (RJ Valeo) performing live on Percussion Lab five years ago (then a radio show on WVKR). Fresh from releasing "September" on Type Records, his sound was dub-heavy and mid tempo - a thick, bubbling exchange of bass lines and pitched kicks.

Since then, RJ has been creating and curating some of the most essential electronic to grace New York. 2006's Bushwick Art Project gathered artists and musicians from around the globe for a full day's excess of the most innovative new media art and electronic music. Installation artists such as "sonic wire sculptor" Amit Pitaru and "transition artists" Free 103.9 rubbed elbows with Kranky's Benoît Pioulard and M-nus' Ryan Crosson. In contrast to the gallery centric space of 3rd Ward, RJ's current series, "The Future Is Beautiful", is presented in a variety of dark, raw venues where handpicked visual artists project works alongside everything from sound art to ghetto tech.

His more recent musical output as Isomer Transition finds him firmly positioned somewhere between M-nus and Kompakt, his style characterized by snippets of vocoded vocals, thick slices of distorted synths and bouncy bass lines. This set from Brooklyn's JetLag event adds a layer of dirt to the mix, along with some basic channel love and a slow, chugging tempo which you can't help but be seduced by. Listen to the set, here.

Photo by Noele Lusano

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