AUGUST 3, 2010

Praveen just hit me on IM and said "plab relaunched a year ago today.'

I said "aw. that's sweet. i'll do a blog post."

So here I am, wishing Percussion Lab 2.0 an affectionate Happy Birthday! The old site was more about Praveen's radio show, and the parties we were throwing a few years ago. This incarnation of the site is about YOU, the users, the community that has built up around the site and makes it a place that everyone is surprised and happy to visit - even us, the team behind the scenes. We started last year with like 60 sets, TOTAL. Now we have 1243 featured, contributor and user sets!!!!!! You guys have put up some amazing music, and we're proud to host it all for you.

Most of all, though, we all owe Praveen and Sougwen a big thanks for making this version of Percussion Lab what it is - searchable, fun to use, slick looking, and bad ass! Thanks guys!

So there it is, ONE YEAR on the books. Thanks again, and keep downloading, keep uploading, keep doing your thing. We love it.

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