MARCH 4, 2011

Here we go again, posting up some cool examples of videomapping, VJ'ing, and other creative lighting elements intersecting with the culture of electronic music that unites us as fans of Percussion Lab.

First up, a stunning, insanely well produced mini documentary about last year's Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual in Gijon, Spain. Featuring audio visual collaborations and performances/dj sets from the likes of Signal, Plaid, Shackleton, Scuba, Ben Frost, Aufgang, AntiVj+Murcof, Kangding Ray, and Jorge Haro, this mini-doc features no narration, just beautiful, crisp images and snippets of sonic bliss. Enjoy:

L.E.V. (Day2) from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.

Kazimier Records, a UK label, built the "Gabbatron" for their roster of artists to use in live perofrmances. It's a videomapped 'horn', measuring 2 meters wide by 4 meters long. It looks pretty cool in this video:

Gabbatron 2011 from Dr K on Vimeo.

It looks even better in this one, but the sound is horrific (be warned!).

Finally, some associates of ours from Atlanta*, Integrated Visions, collaborated with Kris D., an artist whose work is based on the principles of sacred geometry, to create this custom built sculpture and the videomapped animation that interacts with the sculpture's shape and surface. So yeah, just showing how this whole visuals at shows thing is progressing. Have you seen a cool light or video show at a club, rave, or party recently? Hit me.

*I am a member of Integrated Visions Productions, FYI/FWIW.

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