APRIL 13, 2011

On that whole visual tip: We've been fans and supporters of Daedelus for years. He played some of our earliest shows, and recently graced us with a set on our weekly internet radio show. When we heard about his new visual setup for this year's Magical Properties 3 tour, we were intrigued.

Working with Emmanuel Baird and David Leonard, Daedelus created 'Archimedes', a wall of mirrors that swivel behind him as he's performing, amplifying and heightening the light show attendant to the performance.

Confused? Us too. Here's a video.

On the more experimental tip, these guys in India have developed 'Audio-Reactive Projection Mapping', using a tabla and a didgeridoo to create frequencies that trigger visual elements onto a bamboo framework. The results are very cool.

As you may know, we threw a party Monday. We'll be doing it every Monday at Sweet Revenge in Brooklyn. Swing by, we had a lot of fun.

Oh yeah. Twisup's Friday! See you on the dancefloor.

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Fixed, my bad! Thanks for stopping by!
about 5 years ago
Daedelus says:
Less A more E! Thank you for the kindness posting about Archimedes!!! Long time friend. Best!
about 5 years ago