B12 - Live - Club Krakpot - Farnham - UK 1993
Whilst at Uni way back in '93 I ran a student club night called 'Club Krakpot' (homeage to Plastikman) and was lucky enough to persuade Mike & Steve from B12 to come down and play a live show.

I've lost the original fliers, it's in the loft in a box somewhere, I'll dig it out one day.

Word soon spread far and wide and tickets flew out the door. People drove 40miles from London and around on the night just to see B12 play live, most though did not get in (usual security stuff and also not being actual students of the uni). Silly money was being offered but rules was rules.

Mike and Steve rocked up, first they locked up one of the cones of the bass bins in the 5k rig (hired in -,ouch!). Nonetheless they went onto to lay down one of the finest live shows I've seen them do - said with misty eyed nostalgia.

The downside though (isn't there always) is that the only copy that exists is on an old D90 tape. The quality is not great but then hey, that just adds to the experience. The live set features a lot from Electro Soma as the LP had just been released on Warp.


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FRYE19Myra says:
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about 5 years ago
Ninjamixdump says:
been abusing my car speakers with this ov er the last week or so ... much much more electro than id anticipated & well, a simply blinding set. got any more? ;)
about 6 years ago
excellent :)
about 6 years ago
Ninjamixdump says:
nice one.
about 6 years ago
jayphex says:
beautiful stuff.
about 6 years ago

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