a lil friday evening music...enjoy!

there are 2 songs in the set that i have no idea if the tags are correct or where i got them......

goapele - play (los rakas remix)
katy b - easy please me
darius - maliblue
swede art - dub up remix
shlohmo - wen uuu [teebs remix]
erykah badu - on & on [beatchild remix]
clara hill - endlessly [freddie jaochim remix]
full crate - without my heart feat. david simmons
magnetic man + katy b - perfect stranger live
who is this??? - living without you ...her voice definitely sounds familiar, but i don't know where this one came from
new look - janet

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Muflontillah says:
first track is Goapele - Play (Los Rakas remix) :D
about 3 years ago

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