Broken Drum - Trust In Bass Podcast 22
BrokenDrum have been making drum and bass together for around 6 years, specialising in tunes that deliver the sounds of rare groove, jazz, funk and soul. The London based crew have burst onto the liquid scene with over 10 releases on labels such as Liquid Brilliants, Urban Chemistry and Extent Recordings. For Trust In Bass, they have created a mix featuring dubs from their own label, LDNBmusic, as well as many of their own tunes.

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01. BrokenDrum - Get The Girl [LDNBmusic Dub]
02. Sunny Crimea & Physical Illusion - After Midnight [LDNBmusic Dub]
03. Penny Giles - Momentary Switch [LDNBmusic Dub]
04. BrokenDrum - Soul Dancing [Subfuzion]
05. BrokenDrum - Attack Ships [Dub]
06. M.A.Y.F.O.R.M.S - Get You Off My Mind [LDNBmusic Dub]
07. Penny Giles - Attack Of The Jazzy Goth [LDNBmusic Dub]
08. BrokenDrum - Keep Giving Love [Urban Chemistry]
09. BrokenDrum - I Want You To Love Me [Dub]
10. Toez - S.O.S [LDNBmusic Dub]
11. Joseph Ablett - Forced Out Of Love [LDNBmusic Dub]
12. BrokenDrum - The Other Side [Textures Music]
13. BrokenDrum - Closure [Luv Disaster]
14. BrokenDrum - Regular Expression [Urban Chemistry]
15. Presents - Hustlers Don't Cry [LDNBmusic Dub]
16. BrokenDrum - Criticise [Soul Deep Dub]
17. Forshay - With You [Dub]
18. Physical Illusion & Kyro - Easy Loving [LDNBmusic Dub]
19. BrokenDrum - When I Look At You [LDNBmusic Dub]
20. BrokenDrum - So Good [Luv Disaster]
21. 1981 - The Man From Uncle [Dub]

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