Caro - CMKY Podcast 12
As if aware of the unspoken - albeit fondly followed - ritual of referencing Roy Ayers when playing in a park; Caro opens with the ubiquitous lyrics "My life, my life, my life..." to delighted kids frolicking in dappled sun. And by kids, I mean everyone, regardless of age, who filled the plaza as the sun smiled overhead.

Randy Jones' live set brings the keys, the warmth, the perfect mid tempo lazy afternoon house music that makes you feel like you're living inside of the most adorable faded Polaroid you've ever set eyes on. Sneakers look cuter. Shoulder straps fall from freckled arms. The concrete ripples like a springy wooden dance floor. Everything feels simple.

Everybody loves the sunshine...

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Rezene says:
Ya learn soehmting new everyday. It's true I guess!
about 4 years ago

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