Chris Tantrum - Transplant
marco benevento - you know i'm no good
ella fitzgerald - sunshine of your love (bigga's batucada mix)
captain planet - dame agua
jimi hendrix - gypsy eyes
lefties soul connection - v2
the wild magnolias - soul soul soul
lemonade - sunchips (ghosts on tape remix)
mirroring - fell sound
cities of foam - safe inside
3iO - eple
coldcut - naked leaves
jacaszek - only not within seeing of the sun
gas - pop 2
tim hecker - sea of pulses
dj krush & toshinori kondo - ha-doh
machinedrum - uptown
2econd class citizen - on emptyness
clams casino - i'm offical (squadda b)
dead prez - hip hop (dfrnt dubmix)
goth-trad - man in the maze
dani siciliano - come as you are
archie shepp - blues for brother george jackson

* pic from 46th and balitmore.
3 jazz covers, i didnt plan it that way (amy winehouse, royksopp, nirvana)

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