Christopher Willits - Live on Earth Exclusive Mix
In 2009, Christopher Willits made an exclusive release available only to his mailing list
called "Live on Earth Vol.1". We're lucky enough to be able to feature this exclusive mix of a few of the tracks from that release. You can purchase the entire album at Willits' own digital shop along with his latest offering, "Tiger Flower Circle Sun".

Christopher Willits first popped up on our radar with his stunningly beautiful Ghostly release, Surf Boundaries. With 19 albums under his belt, he has been featured in numerous publications for his intricate processed guitar setup. His collaborations with Ryuchi Sakamoto, Matmos and Taylor Deupree are some of the finest ambient / soundscape releases we've heard - the 12k releases especially are hauntingly minimal.

Check Willits on facebook here, and sign up to his mailing list for more exclusive upcoming releases.

1 - Orange Lit Spaces (live) - Chicago, IL - April 26, 2008
2 - Stars and Plants (live) - Kyoto, Japan - June 19, 2008
3 - Improvisation (live) - Berlin, Germany - June 19, 2009

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Snobo says:
Majestic music. Haven't expected anything less from Mr Willits, actually! Thanx a million for sharing.
almost 6 years ago
aboombong says:
Just a heads-up. New aboombong is out: amnemonic. Available “name your price” at http://aboombong.bandcamp.com/album/amnemonic Don’t sleep on the bonus track offer… Spread the word. Cheers.
almost 6 years ago
jayphex says:
this is beautiful - thanks for sharing.
almost 6 years ago

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