Clicks And Whistles - Percussion Lab Mix - May 2011
Clicks & Whistles' 'Cranberry Goose' drops today on Embassy Recordings. We tapped the Charlotte, NC/VA based duo for a mix of their favorite current cuts, and a mini interview to commemorate the occasion.

The entire Embassy family has dubstep by the balls right now, and this mix - -full of heaters - proves it. Opening with a euphoric cut from New York's own Background Sound, the mix moves through bangers like C+W's epic remix of Myrryrs 'Feel U' and the throwback sounds of 'Shock Headed' by A1 Bassline to finish with a couple of C+W exclusives Big tings from our Southern bredren!

Background Sound - First Of All (Let Me Say)
Subvader - Starboard Roller
Mele - Pyrex Vision
Distal - Mamanimal
Clicks & Whistles - Neva Get Caught
Koreless - MTI<
Bombaman - Not Going Straight
Myrryrs - Feel U (Clicks & Whistles Remix)
Halp - Bek
Berou & Canblaster - Kaponga Dance
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose
NGUZUNGUZU - Mirage (Girl Unit Remix)
A1 Bassline - Shock Headed
Addison Groove - This Is It
Mister Tweeks - Elevator (Lucid Remix)
Clicks & Whistles - Radiator
Clicks & Whistles - No More

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Being a southerner from Alabama and an enthusiastic lover of electronic music, hearing Neva Get Caught for the first time was a pretty extraordinary experience! I'm heading over to soundcloud to hear a lot more Clicks & Whistles. Can't wait!!
about 5 years ago

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