There are many brave astronauts that have participated – and even given their lives – in the quest to put human beings into space. But before those astronauts had a chance to take flight, there was a long line of other creatures that paved the way for human spaceflight.
This mix is a tribute to Albert II who was the first monkey to be sent successfully into space On June 14, 1949 Albert II was carried aboard a V2 rocket 83 miles (134km) above the Earth. A problem with the parachute on the recovery capsule sadly led Albert II to his death from the force of the impact upon landing.

circles + spirals - moonbase
protohype - tetra disaster
high tone - x - ray
nanokaravan - klangcatcher
audio - moonbase
- fourth kind
- the journey pt.1
tes larok - the man from planet x
audio - abyss
adapt - jupiter in dub
figa + mdub - machine
figure - aliens
mux mool - death 9000

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