Dave Q - Dub War Mix
I remember having Dave out to one of the first Percussion Lab events - before Dub War had been conceived. He arrived with a small crate of rare reggae and dub 45s and proceeded to blow both our woofers and our minds. Every time since then that I have the pleasure of seeing Dave spin, I find myself straining to figure out exactly what he's playing. I've even told him to start an RSS feed of his set lists just so I know what I should be picking up myself. This is a man who truly eats, breaths and sleeps the music he loves and Dub War is a natural extension of that passion. Dave's complete immersion in the international dubstep scene from day one puts him on a first-name basis with the sound's leading lights, allowing him access to dubplates for days. We're proud to feature this exclusive mix - the majority of the tunes in this set are unreleased, some may never be. Truly, this is the sound of dubstep tomorrow.

Badawi - Stem 1 (The Index)
V.I.V.E.K. - Feel It (Deep Medi)
Pangaea - Neurons (Hessle Audio)
Scuba - Reverse (Hotflush)
Jus Wan - Align (dub)
Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor remix) (Tempa)
Ramadanman - Tempest (dub)
Al Tourettes - Dodgem (Apple Pips)
XI - Coercion (dub)
Joy Orbison - Brklyn Clln (Doldrums)
Spatial - 90729 (Infrasonics)
J Treole - The Loot (Sully remix) (Keysound)
Instra:mental - Forbidden (Apple Pips)
Sigha & Spherix - Separation (Immerse)
DJG - Avoid the Noid (Headhunter remix) (dub)
Eskmo - From the Standpoint (Planet Mu)
Desto - Ice Cold (dub)
Matty G - Turf Wars (dub)
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub (Deep Medi)

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DJ Rodan says:
Still bump this one quite often, epic!
over 6 years ago
lliondub says:
solid dq. so solid
over 6 years ago
Waerrock says:
STILL bumping this one -- two weeks later. BIG UP. Subtle, but fulfilling.
over 6 years ago
darknes says:
Thanks for coming through to check out the set Tomre! Holler when you're in the city, the Percussion Lab crew throws down...
over 6 years ago
Tomre says:
Amazing! Dave Q always delivers! Lots of respect from me for him and the Dub War team. Will visit New York next year especially for Dub War. (from Belgium) Also very glad to have found this site, looks very very interesting! :-) BIG up!!!
over 6 years ago
Laurent says:
woot woot. had a feeling i might have been a tad early ;) ridiculous mix btw, big up.
over 6 years ago
Praveen says:
Hah! It just went up this morning! The download link should be fixed, btw.
over 6 years ago
Laurent says:
there's only one comment for this... are you dumb? big up! PS: d/l link doesnt seem to want to work for me!
over 6 years ago

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