Deceptikon - From the Metropolis Mix
I'm pretty sure Deceptikon has soaked in plenty of neon synths and heavy bass since his relocation to the west coast. "Mythology of the Metropolis," his upcoming third album on Daly City Records, is a hard hitting departure from his more chilled out hip hop instrumental work on Merck Records. Electro beats, growling lazer bass and sine wave melody workouts are the name of the game. I almost wish I had a car so I could bomb around this spring, blasting this mix with the windows down.

John Carpenter - Street Thunder
Deceptikon - Kinyoubi
Deceptikon - Tokyo Burning
Jega - Bluette
Deceptikon - Echolocation
Boards Of Canada - Rue The Whirl
Missy Elliott - Pass That Dutch (Instrumental)
Deceptikon - The Humans Return
Deceptikon - Indo Loops
Zapp & Roger - More Bounce To The Ounce
Deceptikon - Broken Synthesizers

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Eatdisco says:
What a KILLA opening!
about 6 years ago
Techture says:
Lovin' this mix. Proper.
about 6 years ago
jayphex says:
THE John Carpenter? Get in. Jega and BoC too - sweet.
about 6 years ago

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