Deer - Neo Ouija Retrospective DJ Mix
Ah, Neo Ouija. For an IDM fan in the late 90's and early 2000's, Neo Ouija was a breath of simple, melodic fresh air. Originally led by Lee Norris (Metamatics / Norken), the breeding ground for artists such as Xela, Deru, Praveen, Kettel, Geiom and more, sadly closed its doors in 2005. Apparently, this was merely a temporary hiatus, as the dedicated Martin Hirsch has recently reopened Neo Ouija with a fresh new stable of relevant, contemporary artists. For the months of December and January, Percussion Lab is proud to host exclusive sets taking a look back at Neo Ouija's influential past, and a glimpse into their promising future. This set from label head Martin Hirsch highlights Neo Ouija's earlier, IDM influenced, always melodic output. Enjoy. Next month we bring you a look at Neo Ouija's more dancefloor friendly upcoming output.

Zegunder- Woolgather
Faction - Heavy Clouds
Bauri - Knusfilur
Geiom - Eitiel
Seven Ark - 3.21
Infant - Pring
Xela - Afraid of Monsters
Praveen - Haze
Seven Ark - Sixteen
Kettel - Her Thin Voice
Metamatics + Clatterbox - How I Missed You
Sense - Lament
Apparat - Riding
Accelera Deck - Ghosts Come Clean
Honey Sacrifice - Snowblack

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