Dj2d2 - Insane Plain 2 Spain_def
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David Perez a.k.a DJ2D2. Residing in Barcelona and regulary performing through out the world, official Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher/ Extinguished European tour dj, not to mention big names he used to share stage with and in general from time to time titled as the best spanish dj. So when asked to introduce us to the musical situation in his homeland, David dropped mix compiled exclusively from spanish material.

The best way to speak about artists involved in this mix is in DJ's 2D2 words: "Most of the artists featured here are unsigned or with a very short career with some singles released here and there, some are really young and a lot of the tracks here are rough demo mixes. You can hear some rap in spanish and some in other languages like moroccan or english, an example of the potential of spanish producers that are collaborating with very talented artists from around the globe, like Quiroga's track wich was featured at the last Wildchild album on Fat Beats". What can be added, is that stylistic spectrum of compilation includes basically every aspect of music promoted by Mondayjazz. In the beggining some classic jazz section, then mix evolves into areas of urban music like beats, hip-hop, funk, breaks, even some 4/4 rythm dance music. Different tempos, different moods. What is more, lots of accents suitable for various posses - rudeboys might find pleasant sound of loading guns, while soulboys will be tripping on celebrational tonations.
What can be said for the ending is, that Insane Plane 2 Spane is inventive like Barcelona's architecture and sensual like a touch from dark haired Queen.


Artwork by SAN


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