Dj Notech - The Sky Lounge
Hello, and welcome to "The Sky Lounge" a studio mix by DJ Notech (me). It begins with a vibe custom fit for a socializing audience, as mix progresses I apply variations of Funk to encourage dancing. I'd call it Nu Disco, Disco House, and Lounge.

Track listing is...
Mind Melt - Deee-Lite
Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Windsurf remix) - Slow Motion Disco
Downtime - Paper Music Issue #1
Call Me Tonight (The Revenge 1-800 mix) - Ilija Rudman
The Place (Flashbaxx remix) - Quincy Jointz
Mood for Dancing - Martin Virgin
Walking in Space - Chas Bronz
24 Hours - Al Kent
Message - Dionigi
Chuffrugg - Go Go Bizkitt!
Glove Box - Neighbour
Sunshine - Trotter

As always thank you to the musicians, producers, and industry folk who helped to create, distribute or promote this great music.

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Mikechimp says:
Excellent mix my friend
almost 2 years ago

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