Dj Pnutz - ninja mixed up dump
merry christmas from the ninjamixdump. a festive freebie for your seasonal entertainment ... belatedly, due to login issues it finally arrives on 'choice cuts: the best of the mixdump' @percussionlab.

to celebrate our second birthday it was decreed a monster mix was to be created from the 4,500+ strong archive of tasty tablism, mad mixology and wonky wrongness.

dj pnutz took up the challenge "raiding the mixdump and pulling a few favourites. using a combination of ableton and live mixing to compose the mix. treating it as a long track rather than a mix due to the nature of the music selected. cutting 40 mixes into 67 segments to produce near 60 minutes for the final mixdown. i hope that you enjoy listening as much as i enjoyed making it, with thanks to all the artists for providing such wonderful music to work with."

selections ...

prince paul _ confessions of a beat junkie
steinski _ choice cuts
gas _ works one
jose b _ tribeca presents disco soul funk psyche
squincy jones _ nintendub
africa bambaataa _ radio tros 1983
sasqwax _ gut and baste
fat chance vs alchemist _ some belgian waffles
mf doom _ live from latveria
dj food _ raiding the 20th century
dj concept _ turn me up another notch in your system
too much too young: a history of two-tone
squarepusher _ warp20
ninja forum _ this is ... the pirates
ninja beatsmiths _ 64 bar challenge
digital midgets _ noise polution
theo kirch _ summer mix
kupa _ viro podcast 01
elmattic _ super chicken soundclash #7
bastard ninja _ this is ... teh fuckin' hardkore!
daedelus _ live reworks thessaloniki 2009
hanal _ skam mix
united states of audio _ more noise please
balkan hot step soundsystem _ rio loco balkan club night
dj squish kibosh _ electropoplasmix: heccy slammin'
kid vector _ infinity city
doe-rain _ as nice as fried rice
zero charisma + jeff pilz _ fear is fresh mix
dr skunkenstein _ listening with force trilogy
pnutz _ world tour
pnutz _ fuck your face (orig.)
dj vadim _ combo mixtape
melo d _ new jack swing
king megatrip _ a year in the soul society
dj nuts _ disco cultra vol 3
wrongtom _ kanetiquette
arno, bombey & gosh _ skanu mezs / sound forest
giles peterson _ worldwide ninja xx special
coldcut vs the orb _ kiss fm 1991 xmas special
kid koala _ back to basics x-373

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Doeran says:
Doe-ran says: Great mix mate, Loving all the different segments and the overall mixdown. I'm also very pleased that ya decided to include one of my mixes in with some those of my musical heroes. Keep 'em coming. Doe-ran
about 5 years ago

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