Doe Ran - Bootlegs and B-Sides 04-Dec-2011
I've some top notch djs on the show this week. Starting off with an old favourite of mine Jeep Beat Collective. Then some excellent mashps featuring, Beastie Boys, Led Zepplin, Public Enemy, Faithless, Salt N Pepa, Jurassic 5, Max Sedgley, Parov Stelar.
A few brilliant remixes of Radiohead, Justice and Johnny Cash. Finally, a nice cupful of Dubstep.
01. Nah, Nope It's Dope - The Jeep Beat Collective
02. Beastie Boys Max (Max Sedgley v Beastie Boys) - Rolo
03. Dynomite - Timothy Wisdom & The Funkhunters
04. Immigrant Noise (Public Enemy v Led Zeppelin) - Z-Trip
05. B-Girls Like You (Tenoshi's Bounce) - Tenoshi
06. Ice Destruction (Vanilla Ice v Faithless) - Prosac
07. The Mojo Radio Gang (Post-Apocalyptic Jack Swing Remix) - MF Rex
08. All In You - Robotic Pirate Monkey
09. The National Anthem (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) - Radiohead
10. Cannon (Pyramid Remix) - Justice
11. Soul Fidelity (Ave Blaste v Jurassic 5) - Hong Kong Ping Pong
12. Disposable War Pigs (Metallica v Black Sabbath v Dubstep) - Celldweller
13. God's Gonna Cut You Down (Rob P Remix) - Johnny Cash

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