Doe Ran - Bootlegs and B-Sides 15-Apr-2012
This week I'm still buzzin' off my recent 2012 DJ Stylus Awards nomination (http://stylusgroup.ca/) and have a great show brimming with brand new remixes, mashups and originals. All the tunes are upbeat groovers and they include artists like Nas, George Clinton, Nice N' Smooth, Diana Ross, and amazing DJs like A.Skillz, Bobby C Sound TV, DJ Soo and Stickybuds.
Huge thanks to all the people that voted for Bootlegs & B-Sides and got it nominated for an award.

01. Let's Dance - CMC & Silenta
02. Born Ina Barn - Gusset Puncher
03. To The Beats Y'All (Old School Edit) - DJ Rudd
04. Trumpet Song - 7Quid Studio
05. Cold As Ice - A.Skillz & Nick Thayer
06. Atomic Dog (QDup Remix) - George Clinton
07. Work It Out (DJ Soo's Da Funky Smoke On The Water Remix) - Beyonce v Deep Purple v Daft Punk
08. Made You Shack Up (Nas v Banbarra) - Dark Phayd R
09. Jelly Belly - Bobby C Sound TV
10. Sometimes I Rhyme Slow (Copycat's Slight Remix) - Nice N' Smooth
11. Bust A Move (Stickybuds Remix) - Young MC
12. Upside Down (DJ E-1000 Remix) - Diana Ross
13. The Lion King Funk - Jesswah
14. Going Going Gone - Featurecast ft. C. Reid
15. LK (J-Sound Remix) - Marky & XRS
16. Cookin' Soul (Joe Revell Remix) - J Brown & The Mic Smith

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