Doe Ran - Bootlegs and B-Sides 22-Apr-2012
How's it goin'
On this week's show, I have the usual cream of mashups, remixes, ghetto funk, and of course, hip-hop. Tunes ranging from chillin' to hoppin'. I also threw in a few oldies with added beats from Smokey Robinson, Nirvana, The Clash and The Beatles.
Take it easy,

01. Got Soul (Vibrations) - Del Gazeebo
02. Can't Tell Me Nothin' (Griz Remix) - Kanye West
03. Virgo (Nas & Ludacris v A Tribe Called Quest) - T. Rice
04. Tracks Of My Tears (Shimi Sonic Remix) - Smokey Robinson
05. Don't Rock The Boat - Skeewiff
06. 99 Bitches (G Rough Reflesh) - Jay-Z
07. Luchini (Cheapshot Remix) - Camp-Lo
08. Ethnic Majority - Nightmares On Wax/Gigs We Dig
09. Stand Up - Father Funk
10. Kick Push (Blueboy v Lupe Fiasco) - Shimi Sonic
11. Heart Shaped Box (Suplex wobble Remix) - Nirvana
12. Kormac's Scratch Party - Kormac ft. DJ Yoda & DJ Cheeba
13. Train In Vain (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) - The Clash
14. Drive My Car (Shimi Sonic Mix) - Beatles
15. Pushin' On - Nev Scott & Waynessential

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