Falty Dl - Mix for Her
Over the last few years, Falty DL has become an international phenomenon right before our eyes, moving from bedroom producer that we all knew from around the way, to releasing this year's acclaimed 'You Stand Uncertain' on Planet Mu and now to the 'Atlantis' EP, out November 14 on Ninjatune. However, to the Percussion Lab crew, Drew has become family.

Throughout this Summer's epic Percussion Lab live series at Brooklyn's One Last Shag, Drew was a de facto resident, jumping in whenever there was an open slot in the lineup. His sets - ranging from stoned hip hop to classic rave and hardcore to early jungle and garage and back to unreleased dubs by today's hottest producers - never fail to entertain and move the dancefloor. We're really happy to be releasing this special mix, which Falty tells us he made as an open letter to a friend.

Listen to this mix and let it take you where it may. There's some old, some new, some familiar sounds, and some freshness. It's loose, personal, body-moving and thought provoking. So enjoy, and remember, as winter hangs over the foreseeable future, Everybody Loves the Sunshine.

Darkcore - Hate
Sexual - Addison Groove
Now U Know The Deal 4 Real - Machinedrum
gbye - Machinedrum
You Got to Slow Down - Tek 9
Meltphace 6 - Aphex Twin
U Don't Survive (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) - Machinedrum
Cbat - Hudson Mowhawke
unreleased vibert ting
Screwface - Amen Andrews
Massive - Capone
Lost Shadow - dBridge
Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Roy Ayers

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Dignan says:
love this mix.
over 4 years ago

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