Flying Lotus - Essential Mix of the Year WITHOUT crappy female trip-hop all stars or intro
The jazz intro seemed pasted in to me. It wasn't mixed at all into the set that follows and that is both surprising and disappointing. Also, the end of the mix emasculates itself with bland, over-ripe trip hop. I end it after the reckoner remix. Now it is ready to be cycled in your playlist in all of its goodness

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Matt says:
Well I didn't like his personal track selection at the end. If you like bjork that's on you. I thought it went the equivalent of light rock towards the end and I was sick of hearing that part of the mix cycle through. go read the comments on the radio1 boards about this mix being chosen as the mix of the year. The main point of opposition was the track selection at the end. I'm not alone
over 5 years ago
Benzyl says:
great...so you basically just edited out his late aunt's composition, and his personal choice of track selection. bravo
over 5 years ago
Drix says:
Thanks for editing the mix! Re-downloading this.
almost 6 years ago

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