Gilles Wasserman - Munnopsis
Gilles Wasserman presents 'Creatures from The Deep': MUNNOPSIS

01 Conforce - Lonely run [Delsin]
02 Benedikt Frey - Fairytale [Mule Electronic]
03 Smallpeople - Black Ice [Smallville Records]
04 Krause Duo - Down Up Right Left [Freude am Tanzen]
05 Freund der Familie - Symbian (Cristopher Rau remix) [Freund Der Familie]
06 Efdemin - There will be singing (Random Dub) [Dial]
07 Lee Jones - Westworld (original mix) [Aus music]
08 Minilogue - Let the life dance thru you (Simon Wish remix) [Traum Schallplatten]
09 Digitline - Comet (original mix) [Raol]
10 Arthur Oskan - Wants and needs (Luke Hess remix) [Berettamusic Grey]
11 Ripperton - I haven't seen much [Systematic records]
12 Wareika - Ascending Descending [Tartelet]
13 RNDM - Goat [Laid]

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