Gleichlaufschwankung - 93 - Biosphere Geir Jenssen
Radio feature, first btransmitted on "Radio Corax" on 14th of january 2012.

Biosphere - Feber (Mysterier)
E-Man - Upland Iii (E-Man)
E-Man - Jog Er Moderne (E-Man)
Bel Canto - Time Without End (Birds Of Passage)
Bleep - A Fading Dream (Northpole By Submarine)
Bleep - The Operator (Northpole By Submarine)
Biosphere - Baby Interface (Microgravity)
Biosphere - Novelty Waves_H.I.A. Remix (Novelty Waves)
Biosphere - Botanical Dimensions (Patashnik)
Biosphere + The Higher Intelligence Agency - Countdown To Darkness (Polar Sequences)
Biosphere - Shade (Insomnia)
Biosphere - As The Sun Kissed The Horizon (Substrata)
Arne Nordheim - Les Fleurs Du Mal_ Biosphere Transformation (Nordheim Transformed)
Biosphere - Le Grand Dome (Cirque)
H.I.A. + Biosphere - The Rotunda (Birmingham Frequencies)
Biosphere - Ancient Campfire (Shenzou)
Biosphere - Circulaire (Autour De La Lune)
Biosphere - Altostratus (Dropsonde)
Biosphere - Rachels Dance (Unreleased)
Geir Jenssen - World Music On The Radio (Cho Oyu 8201m – Field Recordings From Tibet)
Biosphere - Genkai (N-Plants)
Biosphere - Fluvialmorphologi (Mysterier)

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