Gleichlaufschwankung - 96 - John Bender along cospirators
I want to share my enthusiasm about the release of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" of John Bender (Memories Of Mindless Mechanical Monologues 1976-1985 / Vinyl-on-demand – VOD95). Some of my favourites are decorated with other breathtaking classics from the golden era of synthesiser pop music. This broadcast was transmitted via "Radio Corax" on 7th of april 2012. This is "Gleichlaufschwankung 96"

John Bender - victims of victimless crimes
John Bender - you never know (edit)
Legendary Pink Dots - apocalypse then
John Bender - buy american (edit)
OMD - dancing
John Bender - dance
Devo - s.i.b. (swelling itching brain)
P1/E - 49 second romance
John Bender - plaster (long version)
Nine Circles - twinkling stars
John Bender - three minutes
Psychic TV - in the nursery
Duet Emmo - friano
Bruce Gilbert - the shivering man
John Bender - i know
The Human League - reach out (i'll be there)
John Bender - love & power
Grauzone - raum
39 Clocks - dom (electricity elects the rain)
Malaria - your turn to run
DAF - wer schön sein will muss leiden
John Bender - decomposition
The Actor - seit wir uns kennen
John Foxx - film 1
John Bender - walk down wet street
Stephan Eicher Spielt Noise Boys - ping pong lied
John Bender - victims of victimless crimes (version)

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