Himuro Yoshiteru - Live from Tokyo
To kick off our brief Tokyo State of Mind series, alongside our friends at Rhythm Incursions, we're bringing you an exclusive live set from Himuro Yoshiteru. Many thanks to Laurent Fintoni from Rhythm Incursions for his help in putting this series together.

The majority of this particular State Of Mind series will focus on artists from Nihon Kizuna, a compilation of music from artists and labels around the world put together for Japan Red Cross release. Artists and labels on the compilation include Kode 9, Kuedo, DJ Vadim, Om Unit, Ninja Tune, All City, Onra, Fink, Illum Sphere, Jay Scarlett, Paul White, Ernest Gonzales, Circulation Records and more. We'll be focusing on those from the city of Tokyo.

Himuro Yoshiteru, included on this compilation, is in our opinion one of the most under rated modern Japanese producers from the Tokyo electronic underground. His debut release in 1998 was on Worm Interface which the particularly nerdy of you may remember as home to one of the best obscure Squarepusher releases (under the name Tom Jenkinson). Over a decade later, Himuro is still crafting some of the most colorfully diverse sounds out of Japan. This set, recorded in April 2011 at the Nihon Kizuna sompilation release party, sees him putting his 8 bit, dubstep, glitch and idm influences to the forefront in a lively display of the sounds of the Tokyo underground. There's a dreamy thread running through the entirety of Himuro's set that never allows the surrounding abrasiveness to get too aggressive.

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