Ldfd - Exclusive DJ Mix
Justin Ledford, LDFD, has been bubbling in the stateside scene alongside his Broken Teeth crew for only the last year or two and is already poised with his breakthrough release on Daedelus' Magical Properties label. Blurring the boundaries of crunk, juke, dubstep and hip hop, his productions have a cultural relevance a lot of contemporary music lacks. Keep an eye out for his "Outtacontrol" EP out tomorrow, July 19th on Magical Properties Records.

Erykah Badu - Window Seat
LDFD - Volcanodigit
LDFD - Mucho Mango
Groundislava - Young Lava
LDFD - Outtacontrol (Screwed)
Andy Stott - Intermittent
Mosca - Tilt Shift
Lunice - Fancy Forty
Waka Flocka Flame - Hard In Tha Paint (Shlohmo's sit down remix)
LDFD - (airportbeat)
Jamie XX - Far Nearer
Julio Bashmore - Ribble to Amazon
LDFD - Imagine
Mount Kimbie - Ruby
Ciara/Girl Unit/Kingdom - Ride It/Every Time
Clicks & Whistles - Neva Get Caught
LDFD - Cornbread
Juicy J - Who Da Neighbors
James Blake - Give a Man a Rod (2nd Version)
LDFD - Twerk It
Daedelus - Tailor-Made (Sepalcure Remix)
Galapagoose - Summersun
LDFD - Pinheiro
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose (Distal Remix)
Cedaa - Sapphire
Distal - Android Tourism (LDFD Remix)
Machinedrum - Sacred Frequency
Tyler, The Creator - VCR
Thundercat - Daylight

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Thanks anonymous #1, you reminded me to block anonymous posting.
almost 5 years ago
anonymous says:
some of the transitions are rough, but the track selection is great; I will be rocking this one. It has a chill vibe great for chilling with some chronic and saying, hey man, it's summer time!
almost 5 years ago
anonymous says:
Love the screwed version of outtacontrol on this
almost 5 years ago
anonymous says:
That's a super hip comment! You can assume the artist's and percussionlab's intentions for this mix based on you're austere judgement of whats relevant. Maybe its not as maniacal as you want it to be -a young producer putting together tracks he is into.
almost 5 years ago
anonymous says:
I'm curious, when the PL hipster-crew mentions the "cultural relevance" that his music captures that other contemporary music lacks, are they referring to the less than satisfactory mixing, or the shockingly standard track selection, as if someone looked through big names in the genre and snatched up some tunes for their first shot at hip Future Bass stardom! Ez
almost 5 years ago

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