Leo Le Bug - Music To Wake Children Up - Chinese man records
A nice mashup album with the Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill and others.

Quote from thefamousish :

I first found out about LEO LE BUG, not from his music but from an amazing video he did for the NAIVE NEW BEATERS song LIVE GOOD. It’s one of those easy concept, yet perfectly executed videos, leaving ex-film school students like myself saying, I wish I had thought of that. But LEO LE BUG, who is from France, has even further impressed me with his debut Music To Wake Children Up. Much more than a “Mash-up” album, Leo takes us to his world where his impeccable taste in hip hop and every other type of music you can imagine go hand in hand. I can almost guarantee you’ve never heard an album like this.

And since he’s such a nice guy… Leo is letting us post his entire album just for you. Just click on the link below for the zip file.

Tracklist :

Parallel Plan
Indi Bug
Beasties In Da Wind
Le Pudding à l’Arsenic
Love Me Or Bug Me
Throw Your Hands In The Bug
We Got The Bug
Takatakatakatakata Ka Ta
It’s Bigger Than Your Mum


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