Mark Templeton - Live from Avonmore Hall
When Anticipate's Mark Templeton recently submitted his latest live recording to Percussion Lab, we knew it was feature worthy. His performances at Montreal's Mutek festival have always been breathtaking and this latest was no different. A combination of processed, subtle acoustic instruments and deconstructive techniques show a mastery of sonic manipulation.

Since 2007's painterly "Standing on a Hummingbird", he has developed his sound into the fully realized pastoral exploration "Inland". Much like Anticipate label mate Morgan Packard, Templeton's collaborations with visual artists have resulted in some of his best work. His collaboration with Edmonton based experimental filmaker Aaron Munson, which resulted in the "Acre Loss" DVD is and example of a gorgeous intersection of these mediums. Check our their Light Reflected video by aAron Munson from Mark Templeton on Vimeo.

We're excited for the opportunity to feature this live set from Avonmore Hall, Edmonton, recorded December 20th, 2009.

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