When selecting the style of tracks that were going to compile this dj mix I thought it was going to be of a decidedly mellow vibe and it does indeed start out that way. In fact the entire first half has turned out to be 'stripped down mellow-tech' (i just came up with that - it's a whole new genre). But as always I couldn't let the whole mix stay on that vibe so the last third has a 'get off your butt and boogie' feel to it which should have you waving your index finger in the air and make the word 'technooooo' come out of your mouth. please enjoy, download and share away.

If you're looking for something that's a little more pumping and 'in your face' then please check out: http://www.percussionlab.com/sets/slynus/big_loud

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Eatdisco says:
Best mix I've heard in ages, awesome.
over 5 years ago
Ryan says:
Yo, could I get a track listing or at least a list of artists on this set?? its lifting this mate. Cheers
over 5 years ago

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