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Chris Grass aka Soulshape is a dj's dj. He's held down multi-year residencies at many esteemed Atlanta venues, including Halo Lounge and Bazzaar, and has shared the stage with a number of national and international musical luminaries, including: Aeroplane, Shpongle, The Egg, Ott, Babylon System, LTJ Bukem, Emancipator, Kraak & Smaak, A-Skillz, and the Fort Knox Five. In addition to his recent foray into production, he's also started performing (along with fellow Atlanta selectors Osmose and DiNovo) as part of the DJ crew known as Harmonic Soundsystem.

This mix was inspired by 2010. The tracks were selected and programmed in a way that tells a story. Enjoy.

1. ignition by downlink
2. in motion by headhunter
3. vapour trail by migrant
4. airship by king
5. satellite by komanazmuk
6. breathless by vaccine
7. dark matter by n-type
8. the planets by biome
9. space mission by davip
10. cosmos by indigo
11. comet by killeralien
12. spacehopper by project midnight
13. terror planet by truth
14. orbiting genesis by roguestar
15. ionosphere by droid sector
16. sunburst by hxdb
17. descent by headhunter
18. gravity by the others
19. lonely martian by groove corporation
20. the supernova by dead person

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Threv says:
Chris Grass is an awesome DJ, and an even better dude in person! ATL WHAT.
over 5 years ago
CG says:
By babies, I'm assuming you mean your Serato Control Vinyl collection. Thanks, Kribby! You can bring them by my house anytime.
about 6 years ago
kryptonite says:
I want Chris Gr(ass) to have my babies!
about 6 years ago
Subbassmusic says:
An absolutely cranking piece of Dubstep Fusion there dude. You sent me on a Journey. Check my website for some ears on new artists. Thanks Ben
about 6 years ago
john says:
killer set
about 6 years ago
CG says:
Thanks for the kind words, Blackwell!
about 6 years ago
Blackwell says:
The best collection of Dubstep I've heard. I can't get enough people to hear this--it's fantastic.
about 6 years ago

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