The Kort - Worth the Wax 24 - Bass Weight
Following this past Monday's 9th anniversary Deep Space with Mala, Silkie, and Quest at Cielo, we thought it proper here at The Kort to enlist some of our favorite, lovingly distilled dubstep records to the task of Worth the Wax 24. Still vinyl as always, but recorded to digital to preserve some of that all important bass weight. Cambo starts us off while PT rounds the session out, enjoy the weekend!


N-Type - The Way of the Dub
Djunya - Coagulated Dub
Breakage - Rain
RSD - Good Energy
Headhunter & F -Dedale
Synkro - Our Own World
SP:MC & LX-One - Down
Calibre - Tenopause
Skream - Minimalistix
Unknown - Promiscuous Gyal (Dark Sky Remix)
Zomby - Gloop
Pinch - The Boxer
Mala - Forgive
Daedelus - Tailor-Made (Floating Points Remix)

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