Vincent Lemieux - CMKY Podcast 9
On April 18th, 2008, Vincent Lemieux opened the MUTEK-curated evening on the first night of our first festival. Needless to say, it was an honor to have a DJ of his caliber kick off the festivities.

Lemieux's style is defined by the intuitive fashion with which he selects his tracks, imbuing his sets with an undeniably personal touch. During this performance, he was able to warm and temper the room with a gentle yet energetic approach. The mix rides deep in the groove, presenting a natural arch towards the techno mayhem that ensued later that evening.

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over 4 years ago
Snobo says:
Whoa, indeed a magical flow, and wikkid things happening in this mix... Made me enjoy techno after a long break once again. Abysmally deep selection and mixing. Huge respect to Vincent Lemieux! By chance, does anyone know the track that comes in at 39:30, right after Shackleton? The vocals remind me of dOP...
over 4 years ago

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